Commercial Kitchen Trends For 2016

slidecommercialkitchen222Your commercial kitchen is where you do all your best work, providing your customers with a memorable meal and evening out with loved ones. From your prep chef to your dish washing crew, every employee, every job matters and makes your restaurant what it is today. Always on the front lines of imaginative innovation and new, forward thinking trends, OKC Restaurant Repair, the Oklahoma City restaurant equipment repair OC trusts, brings you the latest in hot, trending ideas for a successful and delicious 2016 filled with new reasons to love what you do.

Smaller Spaces for Bigger Clientele

Pop up kitchens have quickly become a hot commodity for younger generations, providing trendy millenials with a new foodie experience each and every week. This is prompting chefs and owners alike to rethink the way they operate the back of the house. Smaller spaces are being opted for, allowing more room in front of the house for heavier traffic and more revenue. Combination ovens are becoming the wave of the future, giving chefs several cooking options in one appliance without taking up too much valuable space. If you made it to a trade show last year then you may already be thinking about these fresh, new pieces of equipment as they were one of the main attractions of 2015. The great thing about these combination ovens is that they make use of vertical space to leave more space for all your other needs.

Energy Efficient Appliances

If you have recently opened a power bill for your cafe then you already know how vital well-working, energy efficient appliances can be. Operating at a pace that never stops, your energy bill never sleeps either but with dishwashers designed to work excellently and efficiently… your bill drops down considerably to make room for those new chairs you have had your eye on. These Energy Star rated equipments make the perfect placement for your entire kitchen. If you do not know if your equipment qualifies, Oklahoma City Restaurant Repair services can help you decide if it may be time for an upgrade. Poorly functioning appliances can also worsen your energy bill figures and there may be a quick fix solution.

Techy Trends

While your equipment is already an advanced piece of machinery, feeding hundreds daily… appliance design is moving even further into the future with touch screens that make doing what you want effortless, quick and frankly – really cool. The digital nature of these appliances are making it easier for those who may not be familiar with kitchen work to operate advanced equipments like a pro. Some touch screens are even USB equipped, allowing you to track energy efficiency and performance – a real win/win for you and your company’s wallet.

From commercial oven repair to hard to find manuals and more, OKC Restaurant Repair is your Oklahoma City restaurant kitchen equipment experts. Whether you need a complete kitchen overhaul or just a missing part, you will find everything you need to keep your kitchen cooking up success after success.